We got your coffee

It’s with great excitement that we can now deliver our coffee to your door.

At Camissa Coffee Company it’s all about the coffee. Where it came from, who farmed it, how it was roasted, best brewing methods but also about the person ultimately drinking the coffee.

Coffee is about connection, about community and about rituals. When you purchase coffee from Camissa Coffee Company you are not just supporting your local roaster but you are also supporting all the people who were involved, from the farmer picking the coffee cherries to the hands who meticulously processed the coffee to ensure the highest possible quality. So whether you will be enjoying your coffee solo or with your loved ones you effectively sharing that moment with an entire community of coffee lovers from all around the world.

It’s all about Authentic, Ethical Joy.

Comeback Coffee was developed to assist all those businesses affected by the Covid 19 pandemic to get going again and to generate some much needed cash flow.

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